La Bassa B&B

Immersed in the Po Valley countryside along the River Oglio, the bed and breakfast sits between Mantua and Cremona.

The La Bassa bed & breakfast offers two small apartments with separate entrance, each with a comfortable bedroom, private bathroom and kitchenette.

The apartments have TV and WI-FI. There is also a large private car park, porch and outside area with tables and garden.

What to see in Mantua

  • Piazza delle Erbe and Palazzo della Ragione;
  • The San Lorenzo Rotunda;
  • The Sant'Andrea Basilica;
  • Mantua's historical buildings and the Scientifico Bibiena Theatre;
  • Palazzo Ducale and the San Giorgio Castle;
  • The San Pietro Cathedral;
  • Palazzo Te;
  • Boat tour on the Mincio;
  • Literature Festival.

What to see in Cremona

  • Piazza del Comune;
  • Duomo of Cremona;
  • Bell tower
    (Torrazzo di Cremona);
  • Giovanni Baldesio
    (Zanen de la Bala);
  • Baptistery;
  • Palazzo del Comune;
  • Loggia dei Militi;
  • Traditional luthier workshops;
  • Violin Museum;
  • Nougat Festival.

Surrounding Area

Located in the Oglio Sud park next to the river, the Calvatone area offers important natural attractions.

Calvatone is in the province of Cremona and borders with Mantua. Indeed, both cities can easily be reached by car, within half an hour. Lake Garda can be reached in under an hour, while ten minutes further and you could be in Verona, Brescia or Parma.

This is why La Bassa B&B is the ideal place to stay for those looking to visit the most important historical and cultural centres, while enjoying the natural surroundings between Lake Garda and the River Po.

While staying in Calvatone, you can visit Le Bine, nature reserve along the Oglio River, halfway between Mantua, Cremona, Parma and Brescia, and the Calvatone-Bedriacum Visitors centre, that is, the centre for research studies and archaeological diggings. In the centre you will have a chance to browse a photographic exhibition and the 3D reconstruction of the domus del Labirinto (the Roman house uncovered during archaeological diggings).

You can visit Sabbioneta, the beautiful cultural heritage city (UNESCO 2008) with its magnificent architectural, artistic and historical offerings, and the town of Brescello, famous for hosting the film set of Don Camillo and Peppone, inspired by Giovannino Guareschi's stories.

Also worth an honourable mention are the magnificent Giardini Sigurtà, the town of Borghetto and Le Grazie located in the municipality of Curtatone next to the Mincio Park.

River tours are organised in Le Grazie area, up the Mincio River, as far as Mantua, surrounded by magnificent lotus flowers.

During the mid-August summer holiday, you will have a chance to take part in the Antichissima Fiera delle Grazie in the municipality of Curtatone, where art, culture and food come together in a huge open-air artistic workshop.

The history of the surrounding area.

The city of Calvatone stands on the right bank of the Oglio River.

Its ancient origins are documented by relics that bear witness to the existence of a Bronze Age village in the town of Sant'Andrea and, only later by the presence of certain Celtic peoples.

In 148 BC, the Romans built the via Postumia near the landscape on the Oglio River and founded the town of Bedriacum which, over time, became an important trading centre and the scene of some dramatic battles. The hamlet of Calvatone was established there following the destruction of Bedriaco.

During the era of the Lordships, thanks to its border location, the town of Calvatone regularly became the scene of conflict between the people of Mantua, Brescia and Cremona.

In addition, the history of the local community is closely linked to the hard work of its inhabitants, who have always been dedicated to tilling the fields and livestock farming.


Nothing is left to chance as we cater for your needs.

We offer two kinds of rooms:
"Le Bine" room located on the ground floor, sleeps 3.
"Bedriacum" room located on the first floor, sleeps 5.

Each room offers the following comforts:
  • Separate entrance;
  • Private bathroom;
  • Kitchenette with fridge-freezer;
  • TV;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Separate heating and air conditioning;
  • Bed linen, towels and courtesy set;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Large private car park;
  • Own outside porch with tables;
  • Own garden.


Come and explore our facilities in Calvatone (CR), Vicolo Gorghi 30.

You will be able to visit the surrounding area, discover what it has to offer and immerse yourself in nature.

For further information, please send an e-mail or call us on +39 338 9903106, we will get back to you shortly.

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